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  • Nikhil Kapur

    Nikhil Kapur

    VC at STRIVE. Built Excel at Microsoft and a profitable tech company in India. Loves dogs and travel. Enjoys the light and dark of the Startup world.

  • Stanislav Vishnevskiy

    Stanislav Vishnevskiy

    CTO @ discordapp.com

  • Dionne Noella Barretto

    Dionne Noella Barretto

  • Odiadev


  • Rakesh Purohit

    Rakesh Purohit

    To do is to be.

  • Lương Như Toàn

    Lương Như Toàn

    Hungry Solopreneur, Software Engineer passionate about turning ideas into real products. Hey YOLO! (You only live Once). My Blog: https://luongnhutoan.com

  • Allen Helton

    Allen Helton

    I work in the cloud with a strong focus on serverless and API lifecycle. Pushing the limits on API design, standardization, and automation.

  • Sunil Sandhu

    Sunil Sandhu

    Founder @ PlainEnglish.io, Teacher @ Stackademic.com, Follow me on Twitter @ twitter.com/sunilsandhu

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